IV Congress of CiberSociety 2009. Analog crisis, digital future


Why an optional fee?

In keeping with our philosophy of free access to the information and knowledge of the OCS, registration for the 4th Observatory for CyberSociety ONLINE Congress (which involves filling in the form) is free of charge and allows you to take part at all levels of activity. Just by registering you can send in presentations, contribute to online debates and visit plenary conferences, in person activities and more.

Furthermore, all material generated during the congress will be permanently available on the congress website and at the Observatory's web HQ. However, we do invite participants to pay a voluntary fee of 36 euros (the same of 2006) which will also give you: a) a digital certificate of participation in the 4th ONLINE Congress that carries the OCS stamp -to be received electronically within approximately three weeks. b) a copy of the electronic Congress Proceedings.

Paying the optional fee

In order to take advantage of the benefits of this optional fee you must be registered with the congress and identified on the website. The fee is paid once only and has no bearing on the way you take part in the congress.

Important: please indicate if you have taken part like author or congress participant in the form below, before initiating the activating the payment of you digital certificate. This information will help us to offer you a quicker delivery process

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