IV Congress of CiberSociety 2009. Analog crisis, digital future

Topic B - Science & investigation

Work Team B-12: Green ITC and Information Society in front of climate change



Initial questions

What is the society's perception regarding Climate Change and the impact it will have to people's lives?

How can Science contribute to the creation of processes that help us mitigate and adapt to Climate Change

How to avoid that media spread information that is not based on scientific evidence?

What to do to help perceive scientific communication as effective and unbiased in the context of non-scientific information?

Which changes in the behavior of individuals and societies are relevant to revert the acceleration of the Climate Change?

How can Information and Knowledge Technologies (IKT) contribute to revert Climate Change and strength sustainability?

Work Group description

Global Climate Change (CC) is a phenomenon that has been experienced with continuity at the geological scale. However, there is still controversy about what causes it. Apart from the purely scientific issues, the underlying problems in this controversy are mostly of financial, political, geographical, and social orders. Whatever the causes may be, it is paramount that Science is prepared to help reduce the future impact on human life and on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

In addition, to revert the current tendency towards the acceleration of CC, behavioral changes are needed at both the individual and social levels.

Circumstances as the North/South situation, the payment to least-developed countries on the part of developed countries to continue issuing greenhouse gases without limits, the political responsibility of world leaders, the energetic alternatives (oil vs. nuclear), are topics that should be debated broadly. In addition, there is the debate on the roll of environmental scientists with regards to identifying the most efficient and least costly processes for the mitigation and adaptation to the CC, while generating alternatives for future development. A task in which the Information and Knowledge Technologies play a preponderant roll.

This is the challenge that this Group proposes to potential participants