IV Congress of CiberSociety 2009. Analog crisis, digital future

Topic D - Culture

Work Team D-52: Music: creation, distribution, soundscape



Initial questions

Which role plays internet in the new musical instruments?

How is sound creation shared in cyberculture?

How have changed p2p archives, netlabels and new distribution networks the audiences, perception and consum of music

Which is the role of digital comunication in local conciousness of soundsape

Which is the role of the net in the musical knowledge of societies?

Work Group description

A secret "Bruit"

This was the name of the misterious piece where Marcel Duchamp hided a small sound object in 1919

Music invades the net as a secret "bruit"

This group works different topics

Music creation in the net: cooperation in sound creation

Distribution networks, p2p archives and netlabels

Acoustic ecology and soundscape

Sound events based on telecommunication

Network and real time

Need of an artistic and latin terminology