IV Congress of CiberSociety 2009. Analog crisis, digital future

You make the Congress!

A Living Congress?

Living Congress is a new online congress formula with a highly experiential and participatory component. It is a space specially designed for online submission and exchange of analysis, reflection, research and experiences of people from all over the world with diverse profiles, interested in cybersocial issues.

In a Living Congress are the followers, participants and contributors who shape, build and evolve the congress through phases and modules that are separated in time.

Living Congress is an original idea from Observatory of Cybersociety and its IV Congress for Cybersociety management team in their efforts to continue to innovate in the network.

What will you find?

In Living Congress of the IV Congress for CyberSociety different modules or stages of participation are going to be happening during the 2009 in which you can be engaged in terms of your interest. Participation in the Living Congress began in March with the module "Building the Congress," and raised various modular consecutive prior to the discussion of communications.

We invite you to this unique experience of participation, creativity and innovation in the network that has already begun. If you missed any of the previous modules you can find out what happened in the blog of the Living Congress.

How are defined the themes of the conference?

The Observatory of Cybersociety and Citilab raise you the adventure of participating in the first "live conference ".

The fourth edition of the Congress of Cybersociety has opted to develop an online conference that defines, builds and evolves based on the visions and contributions from its supporters, participants and collaborators. We invite you to this unique experience of participation, creativity and innovation in the network that has already begun.

We have ... 1 theme, 90 topics and 1000 ways of living the conference that have been defined by the 500 participants of "Build the congress".

During March and April we opened a participatory process for designing all the theme of the conference (that are the general frame areas), which has involved more than 500 people.

Throughout this consultation have been made about 550 slogans, more than 1,000 proposals for discussion topics and more than 600 combinations of sensations (Geolocation, music, taste and appearance) to identify the spirit of the informal conference.

Of all the slogans sent, and after a deliberative process in which the strategic area and support committee for organizing the conference (around 100 people), have chosen the theme "Crisis analog, digital future". fining the major themes that link the first Living Congress.